Introducing your Photographer Julian Lynch

With a 35-year career of working with young people spanning Child Care, Early Childhood Education, Outside School Hours Care, Residential Care, Management of Overseas Exchange Programs and Alternative Education, Julian brings significant experience in communicating with young people of various ages.

Founding a thriving youth theatre in the ’90s, Julian made his mark in the community arts sector through teaching drama, theatre, acting and was a natural progression to travel. Julian made a significant investment in regional arts as a Professional Artist specialising in Drama, theatre, and film and as an Artist in Residence touring for 15 years the remote areas of Queensland Australian

More recently, Julian was a long term Manager of a Licenced Accredited Child Care Service in Brisbane until an unexpected medical condition intervened. Trained initially as a Portrait & Groups Photographer, Julian worked as a touring School Photographer but soon was frustrated with the traditional methods and format adopted by these businesses.  Initial interest/training in photography/video back in the seventies, to using photography/video as part of visual storytelling techniques with young people. Photography was an integral but different part of my work as a previously Licenced Inquiry Agent.

Philosophy of Photography

There are wedding photographers and landscape photographers, commercial shooters, those who capture the energy of a rock band or document the passion of a demonstration or protest, maybe those who snap a new life arriving into the world or the raw, honest connection as a loved one leaves to join the universe. Julian specialises in the photography of Children & Young people.

“Focus on one thing, and try to do it well.”

Photography: moving away from the contrived, studio-driven photography to capturing the real, authentic images that reflect the genuine, and whole person.

Julian holds a Current Working with Children Blue Card (as required by law) and observes current Child Protection Protocols during Photos Shoots.